We are back!

We’re back! Are you ready for the second of our bi-annual Warhammer 40,000 Dreadnought Event!!

We’re happy to see you all, and we are really looking forward to the 17th and 18th of November when once again Element Games – The Northwest Gaming Centre opens its doors to us all one again!

Last time the Dreadnought took place in April this year the event had doubled in size from its humble beginnings in a small drafty dance studio in Macclesfield, to where it is now, gracing one of the largest gaming centres and Independent Hobby Stores in the UK!

Now, this would not have been possible without the hard work and commitment of everyone involved, from the event organisers like Ben, David, and Myself, to Element who help sort out the space and food for everyone on the day, but most of all it is down to you, the community. You have all worked incredibly hard getting forces ready in time, preparing army lists, and making time to get down and take part! This is why you may have noticed an email arrive in your inbox from us here at Dreadnought events. As we mentioned at Aprils Dreadnought we wanted to reward the community for their hard work and effort in taking part in our events by giving all attendees a £5 online voucher code for when they purchase their next Dreadnought Events ticket. This code could be used by the recipient or could be gifted to a friend who maybe wants to come along to the next. Going forward we will also be immediately rewarding people with a £5 gift code for their next event as soon as their order is completed, which again can be saved for your next event, or you can gift to a friend if they can persuade you too.

So what else is new? Well, we have begun the very early stages of what we are calling “The Big Dreadnought FaQ” rolls right off the tongue hey? As much as we like talking to all of our attendees we thought it would be best to have a central location for frequently asked questions so that the information is readily available for everyone, given that Dreadnought Events is not what we do full time it can be easy for us to miss an email or Facebook message and we want to try and prevent any delay in getting you the information need.

The FaQ will be a living article that we will update a regularly as possible, with each update we will set up a post to let people know it has been updated so they can check for any changes that might affect them. If you do have a question you’d like answering then please do send us a Facebook Message or an Email (faq@dreadnoughtevents.co.uk) and please include the name of the event it is for, and the question you’d like answering. When written up for the FaQ please bear in mind that the questions may be rewritten for formatting purposes. For Example:


Event: Dreadnought November 2018

Q: Is Dreadnought Events a downright awesome event to attend?


We would then take that question away to have a talk about it before posting it onto the Big FaQ whereupon it will look like:

Event: Dreadnought November 2018

Q: Is Dreadnought Events a downright awesome event to attend?

A: Yes, in fact, if it were any more awesome it would likely become a crime or worse taxable.


And there you have it, a nice simple system for what we want to be a nice simple resource for you all to use.

Well now the “Hello’s” and updates are done I’m signing off for today. I’ll be piping up soon with more articles like those we had in the run-up to the last event in April, so until then, happy hobby!!



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