Types of Dreadnought Player in Reflection

The Muster – Part 1

One of the most unique areas of the Dreadnought event pack is the way in which you build your army list. Playing five games in total over the weekend at a steadily growing points total isn’t something we see all that often. Especially when you cannot remove any model from your army and must add on to what you have already been using.

With this comes a set of challenges and decisions that all players must consider.

With the experience I have gained from entering the first dreadnought event I am going to talk about a few ways in which players can go about designing their list.

The Builder:

One approach that I saw some players take was that of building a new house, a strong and stable foundation to be built upon throughout the event. I myself took this approach when I wrote my own list.

What we need to do is think about this is to look at how Warhammer 40,000 8th edition works, with the most obvious example of the recent changes being Stratagems and Command Points. Stratagems can give armies such a fighting edge it’s crazy in some instances (I’m looking at you Craftworld Eldar *Shakes Fist*). They have formed the core of how we look at our armies flexibility and give clear indications of an armies strengths, in some instances making the armies seem two dimensional *cough cough* Blood Angels *cough cough*. However in order to use these game changing Stratagems we first need command points to spend on them.

The way I looked at this was to understand what I wanted to achieve in the tournament and when I wanted to achieve it. For me this was to get as many Command Points as possible as quickly as possible so that although I may take a beating in game one, I may well have the flexibility in command points to help change the outcome of games 2 and onwards.

So when I made my first 500 points list it came in as:

1 Primaris Space Marine Captain – HQ

1 Primaris Space Marine Lieutenant – HQ

5 Primaris Intercessors – TROOPS

5 Primaris Intercessors – TROOPS

5 Primaris Intercessors – TROOPS

With this I was just underneath the 500 point mark but I had a whopping 6 command points to start the event with. This is due to me having a Battle Forged Army (3 Command Points) and a Battalion Detachment (3 Command Points).

So although I was unable to deal with enemy vehicles or elite units effectively, it did mean this early stage sacrifice allowed me to simply add on units throughout the entire event allowing me to look at my weaknesses, easily identify them, and easily resolve them.

The Martyr:

So this was an approach I only saw one player do, but you couldn’t argue with the results they pulled in at the end.

So what this player does is Sacrifice their first game, possible even their second in order to lay on some big paint in their late stage games.

And by big pain we’re talking Titans and Stompas. So to do this you look at the big gun you want to take, and given my total lack of knowledge about Orks we’ll make up some point values.

What we are looking to do is fit this big gun in as quickly possible. So we need an idea of its overall points cost, for this example let’s say the Stompa in Question is 850 points all in. So in the earliest game in which we can fit a Stompa into our army is game 2 where our total is 1000 points.

So this means in game 1 we only allow ourselves a measly 150 points to get whatever sized detachment we can in our first game. Orks excel here thanks to having access to lots of cheap characters and cheap troops units like Gretchin.

So yes, they all die horribly in their first game, the Orks score no points, but come game 2 they’re really on the rampage leaving most players in game 2 without a means to deal with something like a stompa, and themselves WAAAAGHING their way to victory.

The Warrior:

A Common tactic, it’s blunt and aggressive. Here the player looks at taking a very elite force in as small a game as possible to score as many early game points as possible through not necessarily scoring victory points but by winning games and limiting their opponents chance to score. This player is a butcher of the highest degree.

So here we have a player who is sacrificing everything in games one and two in order to crush their opponent as efficiently as possible.

So even though they’re a recent addition to the game let’s look at Adeptus Custodes. Able to let loose the most elite infantry in the game this is a force well suited to this style of play. Utilising strong and durable elites and low cost Stratagems allowing them to Teleport and others to restrict movement they can act like wolves, driving a limping flock of troops away from the claws of a teleported unit into the fangs of the one deployed. By simply out matching the usually more basic troops players will be fielding at the early stages in games one and two.


So now we have 3 very different styles of early game army building. The Builder, The Martyr, and The Warrior.

I’ll be returning soon with Another article looking army lists in the late game as well. But for now I’m signing off.

Happy Hobbying


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