In the Beginning…

In the beginning, there was Macclesfield.

So guys, the Dreadnought is so soon it’s crazy! So what we have decided to do is write up a few articles on what a Dreadnought Event is, what you might expect, and some generally useful hints and tips that may help you in the event.

So who the hell am I to be giving you advice? Well I was there. I was there the day that Horus killed the Emperor.

No I wasn’t, but i was at an event as important, if not more so to the world of Warhammer as the Horus Heresy. That event was “The Macclesfield Dreadnought!”.

(My glorious trophies above!)

So the Dreadnought was an event straight from mind of Ben to get his hometown and hobby community involved in something bigger than just the random games they’d pick up as and when they could. He wanted more for for us, and so the Dreadnought was born.

As you’ll have read the Dreadnought is a two day event that is being held in Element Games in Stockport in a few months time which makes it very exciting and is one more step to making the Dreadnought the event that it has the potential to become.

So with all this said over the coming week’s you’ll be seeing articles up here from myself based on my experiences of the first Dreadnought, and the man himself Mr Bailey where you’ll maybe get an insight into the whirring cogs and sparking cables which created this event.

For now however I’ll shut down this astropathic communication before the poor fellow’s mind goes….the Astronimican isn’t what it used to be since Cadia fell.

Happy Hobbying!

Tom Blackburn

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  1. The planet broke before the guard (too soon dude) 😢😢😢

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