Ask the players Pt:1

So over the course of the next few weeks we’ll be having a quick catch up with a number of people who attended the Macclesfield Dreadnought in 2017, to kick off this series of small interviews I’ve delved into the depths of the Empyrean and dragged Matthew Garside out from the warp, winner of the Best Painted Army in our first, and all round reasonable chap.

Tom: So Matt, you came to the first Dreadnought event, what did you think of it all?

Matt: The weekend was excellent, there was a really nice bunch of competitors and some cool looking collections. I always enjoy seeing cool, nicely painted armies, and there was a lot of it.

Tom: So List writing, probably one of the unique parts of this particular event in the weeks prior to it, what was your process?

Matt: Writing an escalation list can be quite challenging ( in a good way ) so I started with an idea of the overall list fitting into a Brigade Detachment.

I then broke this down into smaller detachments making sure I maximised the Command Points as much as I could. Most importantly though I made sure all my coolest models were in there somewhere.

Tom: You won Best Painted Army! Congratulations again, your mechanicus was a stunning looking army on the table, how did you go about getting it ready?

Matt: My Mechanicum were painted using a few shortcuts like spray basecoat and dry brushing but all the red ( Obviously the most important colour for a Mars list ) had a lot more time taken on it including 3 edge highlights, also taking time to paint wiring, lenses and cog motifs well are factors which probably lead to me winning Best Painted, and of course a nice base can’t hurt.

Tom: What was the most enjoyable part of your force to paint, and also, what was your most difficult?

Matt: My favourite model to paint was the man himself Belasarius Cawl, this model has so many cool details he almost paints himself, my least favourite was Ironstriders, they are fiddly to hold, impossible to paint sub-assembled and took me forever.

Tom: Are you attending the next dreadnought? If so, can you give us any hints on what your next army will be?

Matt: Yes I’m attending the next Dreadnought Event and I’ll be sporting a brand new Catachan Force, this list again starts with a Brigade and breaks down into smaller chunks that make sense as a separate force as well as part of a larger construct.

See the lists for yourself below.


And that concludes the first of a few articles dedicated to catching up with our previous contenders at a Dreadnought event. Keep tuned in here for your Weekly Blog Posts!


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