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The Changer of Ways

For some of you, this will be your first Dreadnought event, for some of your second. Since the first event, we have made some changes to the event pack. So I thought I would take a minute to explain what these changes are and why we made them as we have had a few people message into us and ask.


When you have a hammer, every problem seems nail-shaped.

So one that has been on a number of people’s minds is the question of Super Heavy Auxiliary Detachments.

 This time we have put a slight restriction on Super Heavy Auxiliary Detachments meaning they cannot be included in your first game of 500 Points. The reason we have decided this is that good percentage of players at the first Dreadnought event chose an Imperial Knight as their first Army list (See Article two on Army Lists – This is eluded to in the description of “The Warrior” style players).

Although there is nothing wrong or underhanded with this approach it felt a little cheap, to take something so overwhelmingly powerful that many people may as well not have deployed their forces at all.

 So we have placed this small restriction on Super Heavy Auxiliary Detachments.


 Well, we’re sorry, from game two and onwards field as many of them as you will. This may well be up for revision in future events once we see this new smaller and likely more manageable Imperial Knight that was revealed at the Las Vegas Open, but at this stage, we promise nothing.


Always expect the unexpected!

 A change that has also come in is how Missions are generated. In the first Dreadnought, we had pre-decided missions in the event pack and everyone knew what was coming at each points value.

 This time though we have taken that away and missions and deployments will be randomly determined for every game.

 We felt that the first event pack gave a rigid structure to the event and we found a few players (myself included) writing armies to play to a very specific play style to suit the missions. This in hindsight became more an exercise in Army Building, and less an exercise in generalship.

So we have decided that we’ll make it more difficult for you bunch now, so be prepared to attack, defend, move, hold the line, and to kill because no one knows what missions you’ll be playing yet, not even us.


The Dreadnought! The event where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter!

 I wouldn’t say they don’t matter they’re actually vital, but scoring for the event has had a significant change.

So at the first Dreadnought players were scored based on their wins and losses, each granting a certain number of points to their overall gamerscore. This added to points given for best game votes etc created their final score.

This time, however, players will also score the points for the individual victory points they score in games.

 This means that players who fight hard for their points but still lose the game aren’t being penalised for their hard work so that even a high scoring loss can be very important to their overall standing. In the same regard, a few high scoring early games could set a player up for the weekend should they struggle later on in the weekend. Overall we believe this impact is going to have a massive effect on where players come overall and will make it a much closer, much more interesting experience for everyone.


What do points mean? PRIZES!!!

 That’s right. This time there will be even more prizes up for grabs! Alongside the three-part painting competition for best painted Squad, Single Miniature, and Large Miniature. We have the Best in Show award for armies as a whole, Most Sporting Player, and The Dreadnought Tournament winner.

 Rather than posting Certificates and Trophies which has caused a few issues with items getting lost in the post, we have decided that future events will have these items on hand on the day to give to people as they win them.

Alongside this, there will be a number of vouchers to be handed out on the day, so you have plenty of chances to win!


So Tzeentch the Changer of Ways has left the office we can finally get on with the rest of the planning and writing.

Happy Hobbying!



2 thoughts on “Times Are Changing

  1. The first event was fantastic, and from reading your articles it is clear that a lot of hard work is going into developing the dreadnought into an experience that we`ll all have marked on our CALENDAR for years to come.

    1. P.s, I have no idea why calendar is in capitals, don`t read into it, lol. ( i think the auto-correct when i misspelled it may have something to do with it)

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